2017 Safety Week

This past week Dellbrook | JKS alongside more than 60 national and global construction firms celebrated Safety Week 2017. The mission of this week? “To collectively raise the awareness of the construction industry’s continuing commitment to eliminating worker injury, and to clearly communicate its dedication to a shared culture of care and concern and the belief that every week must be Safety Week.”

Joe Salvatore, Field Safety & Risk Manager comments “Safety Week is always a success. Bringing everyone together with the common goal of heightening safety is only part of the process. The real success comes when we implement what we all learned the other 51 weeks of the year.”

There is nothing more important than safety on a job site, to be sure everyone who comes to work, also makes it home from work. Dellbrook | JKS started this year’s safety week with an entire site kick off last Monday, driving the message to everyone that our goal for safety week, as well as every week, is to work incident and injury free.  Throughout the rest of the week sites experienced respiratory protection and silica awareness, emergency action planning, fall protection and prevention, which you can check out a brief video of the demonstration here, and then concluding the week in recaps and reviewing the success of the week.

An example of how Safety Week is implemented throughout the rest of the year is “on a regular basis now we are utilizing portable guardrails on our projects. Although there is a cost upfront, the benefits far out weight the alternatives. When we utilize these guardrails on our roofs we see production increases exponentially because 1. Workers feel safe on the roof 2. They don’t’ have to spend time installing fall protection systems multiple times, getting their equipment caught on obstructions, getting shut down because they don’t have it installed properly and lastly, our Superintendents can spend more time dealing with the project verse dealing with/enforcing issues on the roof” notes our Director of Safety and Risk Management Rob Caron.

We celebrated the success of this week not only in the field, but also in the office, driving home that the most important objects on any site, are the people. 





Celebrate Safety Week within your firm? Comment below and let us know how it went!