5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness To Do Today

Although this past Friday, February 17, was Random Act of Kindness Day, we believe that the spirit of this day should be carried out throughout the year.

As we run through our busy lives, focused on our jobs, children, families, health, school, etc. which, yes, are all very important, but we can quickly forget the simplest things, including random acts of kindness to strangers around us. Especially in today’s world, don’t we all need kindness? There have been  many amazing stories regarding  Random Act of Kindness Day – including this one that inspired me, and I encourage you to find one that inspires you as well. We recently took a poll on Twitter and the consensus was that people wished they had participated last Friday but didn’t, so we thought of 5 other ways you can easily show random kindness today, or any other day.

  1. Pay it Forward: In a drive-thru line getting a quick cup of coffee? Pay for the person behind you as well
  2. Lend a Hand: If you see someone struggling to get somewhere, offer them your hand and help them to where they’re trying to get 
  3. Donate: Donate , ANY amount, to a charity that you’re passionate about
  4. Offer your Seat: Use public transportation? Give up your seat for someone else who needs it more 
  5. Small Gifts: Leave small gifts, such as mints or chocolates, on your co-workers desk

Kindness always wins. If you have any other ideas on how to spread kindness in small acts, please comment below!

2 Responses to “5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness To Do Today”

  1. Marie Gallagher

    The words Please and Thank You need to be used more. Hold the door for the person behind you and smile more.

    • Dellbrook | JKS

      Love all of those! Especially holding the door for the person behind you – so easy to forget and yet makes such a difference when you do.