5 Negatives That Will Happen to You at Work & How-To Solve Them

  1. Being the Newbie – every new job you start, you will be the newbie, no matter your age. Oddly enough, that is me right now, so I know what I’m talking about. You are going to be entering a company where everyone has been there, made friends and gotten themselves comfortable, so where, and how do you fit in?
    • Remember that everyone sitting in that office has been the newbie and they prevailed
    • Ask questions! Asking questions not only gets you interacting with your co-workers but shows them you’re interested in learning and getting yourself more comfortable within the company
    • Ask a co-worker/group to go to lunch with you. I know – this is hard, but what are the chances they tell you no? Extremely slim, and if they do say no, well two birds with one stone – you found the jerk of the office
    • Be open to going to the after-work events. Yes, you want to get home BUT going to the after-work events every now and again will make your work environment more comfortable and you can spend more “non-cubicle” time with people in your office
  2. Failures – no one has ever been a complete success in life, even Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first television job. If you can’t handle failure…you need to start immediately because it’s a part of life. Failure can make you a better worker, and a better person, if you allow it to. There will come a day you mess up on that proposal, or pitch the wrong idea to a client. We are all human and we all fail, but learning how to move on in a positive way from that failure is key. Admit your wrongs when you mess up, do NOT try and make up excuses to your boss, learn from what you did and work up from there. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it, it’s a mistake that you make yourself learn from. Move on.
  3. Boredom – let’s face it, not matter if you are the company receptionist or the CEO, you are going to get bored of your job, or at your job; whether its everyday or once a week. You may be swamped with work, or entertaining yourself by switching up the color highlighter you’re using, we have all been faced with the dilemma “what am I really doing here?”. Then you snap back to reality and think of the rent you owe, or the children you have to feed, or that career you’re trying to build and then you push through, we’re adults, it’s part of the handbook that no one ever gave us. Besides crawling under your desk to take a nap, there are several 5 minute or less activities you can do to relieve your boredom or gain back your focus and get back to work.
    • Stand up & stretch – if you’re sitting at a desk all day this is something you should do anyway. No one wants back problems at the age of 35
    • Go for a walk – either around your office building or outside if it’s a nice day
    • Co-worker bonding time – chances are, if you are in need of a little human interaction, at least one of your co-workers are as well. Go talk to them, see how their day is going.
    • Ask for more work  – this might sound awful but if you’re being underused, tell someone! There is no way your boss will be unhappy with you wanting more work and you will be happier spending your time in the office doing something productive
  4. Stress – if you care at all about your job, then it comes with stress. You’re worried about impressing your boss, getting your work done on time ,and being successful. You spend 40+ hours a week in your office, it can be very hard to get out of your work mindset and de-stress yourself. But it is a must, no one is useful when they’re burnt out.
    • Take your lunch break – it’s there for a reason. You need a break in the day to go grab some coffee, food, or run an errand you’ve been needing to do for weeks. Spend your break doing things YOU want to do
    • Listen to music – bring some headphones to work with you and listen to music when you can. Studies show that music breaks you out of “one way thinking” and can actually increase your work productivity, which can relieve your stress
    • After work means done with work – you only have a few hours in your day that aren’t work, use them! You need to go home and read a boor, or go for a run, cook dinner, or order take-out if that’s more your speed. But the point is do not go home just to check your email and add more stress to yourself before your next work day. As I said, no one is useful burnt out
  5. Unwanted work – who really WANTS to work in the first place? Oh…yeah me too. But there will be times your get handed work that doesn’t fit your job description or something you don’t feel completely comfortable trying for the first time, but chances are, if it was handed down to you from someone, that someone is your superior and they don’t want to do it either. Getting handed unwanted work can actually be positive for you, if you truly give it your best shot, it can open new opportunities for you; you might just learn you actually do like calling clients and asking them where their past invoice is, and if you turn out hating it, well you just showed your boss you’re open to lending a helping hand. Employee of the month.