Company Holiday Party Cheat Sheet

It’s that time of year again, tree lightings, family gatherings, cookie decorating and of course, company Holiday parties. I’m sure for a lot of you (including myself) this will be the first year of attending a company holiday party, and for others this might just be a nice check in of a Do’s and Don’ts cheat sheet. I’ve done some research online, talked to my friends, family, and co-workers to really get a better understanding of not only how to behave but also what these parties mean for you, as well as the company.

DO: rsvp and go! Make sure to not only attend the event but also RSVP if the invitation calls for it, it’s just polite to whomever is putting a lot of time and effort into planning this for the entire office. Holiday parties are a time to get together, enjoy this time of year, and bond together as a company. The stronger you are as a unit, the stronger your business will be and enjoying a fun (FREE) time together cannot hurt that dynamic – so go.

DONT: go too crazy with your outfit. Yes be fun and festive but also remember, you’re still attending a party that your boss will be at, you don’t want to look unprofessional.

DO: Bring a date (if the party allows), bringing a special someone whether it’s your significant other or just a friend, can benefit you in more ways than one. You’re attending an event that ,let’s face it can be pretty uncomfortable for some, with someone you’re already comfortable with, which will relax you and allow you to be yourself. Also, by bringing someone who is close to you ensures they already like you and will speak kindly of you to your coworkers and boss, it’s a win-win.

DONT: Go overboard on the drinks. If you are of the legal limit, yes of course have a drink or two with your co-workers to loosen up the mood and get you out of the work-space environment , but do not be that drunk employee who will wake up wanting to quit your job due to embarrassment, because once again we must remember, this is a party your boss WILL be at.

DO: Make a plan ahead of time. If you have  a set plan of how to get to the event, who you’re going with and what time, it will ease the tension and stress come day of, and allow you to feel more relaxed and enjoy your time there.

DONT: Flirt with your office crush. We all have them, but a company Holiday party is the last place you want to make this move. You have 364 other days to do that, do it then if you have to.

DO: Keep your phone away. This may be a work function, but it is not time for work or to be checking your Instagram feed. We all understand the need and tendency to grab for our phones whenever possible but when you focus your attention on that you’re closing yourself off to being social with everyone else.

DO: Say your goodbyes and thank you’s. Whether you’re able to attend for the whole night, or just an hour, be sure to say your goodbye’s and of course Thank your boss for the evening. It’s just the kind and right thing to do

Most importantly, DO have fun! Because that’s what its for. Enjoy your Holiday’s and your party. And if you didn’t happen to follow this cheat sheet, please share with us your, what must be, hilarious story.

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