Millennials & Construction : Dellbrook | JKS’ new Peanut Butter & Jelly

Millennials make up 50% of our workforce here at Dellbrook | JKS. Does this sound scary to you? It shouldn’t. Based on Building Design and Construction’s blog – ‘5 reasons why Millennials are great for the construction industry’, and a study from FMI, millennials may just be the perfect fit. We think so. Let’s see how Dellbrook | JKS can relate.

“Construction is the ultimate team sport” our CEO, Mike Fish, is constantly saying. You have to be on top of your game, know the play book, pass the ball when needed, and truly believe there is no I in team. In the past, construction has been known as an industry where it takes decades to move up and grow your career – here at Dellbrook | JKS age doesn’t hold you back, only your willingness to learn. 

Loyalty and Dedication:

Of our employees at Dellbrook | JKS who have been here for 3+ years, 22% are Millennials. According to Forbes the average is 9%. Many of these employees are so dedicated in fact that have been hand-picked to be apart of our NextGen program – our leadership program for employees who have the aspiration, ability and engagement to take their job to the next level. This program is an opportunity for dedicated employees to grow within the company with a customized individual development plan, management opportunities through our construction immersion program, executive shadowing, planned exposure opportunities, and special assignments.  

Innovative Thinking:

Dellbrook | JKS has an “open door policy”, in which all the executives constantly have their office doors open, inviting in room for innovative thinking and collaboration. Because of this policy, the Procore initiative has come to fruition, and the Dellbrook | JKS millennials have been the team that has worked on this program, advancing it within the company, and teaching others new skills. Dellbrook | JKS even welcomes Millennials and their thoughts, ideas and views into the field with our Construction Immersion Program which is a gateway for newly graduated students to get a foot-in-the-door with this industry. 


Growing up with the latest and greatest tech device was a millennial’s norm. Growing up not only knowing what the next and best was, but had almost a 6th sense on how to make it work. That has become extremely handy in the work place. Although we might not know exactly how to use a certain machine, equipment, or program – we have grown up rapidly teaching ourselves how to use new products to keep up with the times, and now to keep up with our work load. We had the chance to ask Jordan Kannon, an Assistant Project Manager at Dellbrook | JKS how he, as a millennial himself, views the rapid change of technology through our industry: 

“I started in the industry in 2009 working with a structural engineering firm out of Connecticut that was transitioning to the digital world, yet I can still remember copying my Boss’ markups from one set of stair shop drawings onto another eight sets that were full size and had to be sent to all parties.  At times the task would have a meditating affect, but would mostly leave my hands so painfully cramped at the end that I would be exhausted for the rest of the day.  Transition to today and we are able to mark up shop drawings online with one copy and those can be tracked digitally making it clear whose markups are where and when they were placed on the drawing.  This is one example among countless of how “tech” improvements have improved both our efficiency and effectiveness.  Many things we think are impossible today, will be every day tools and routines tomorrow so we should not fear technology and what it brings.  We should embrace the tools it provides us and engage with others to identify how they have found ways to better complete their work.  It is incredible how much can be learned from talking to your peers and understanding what resources and tools they have come across and may be using on their own projects.  The desire is not to make something easier, but to free ourselves from the more mundane tasks so that we can do what we all love doing, engaging with the clients, subcontractors, architect and engineers towards the common goal, a beautiful building.” 


Do millennials want a work life balance? Yes, who doesn’t? Many companies are rapidly growing around the work-life balance mind set, Dellbrook | JKS included. This makes life not only outside the office easier, but inside as well. If your home life isn’t going well, how could you possibly be successful at work? We do this in a variety of ways; If Saturday work is a must, its split between field and office so an individual only has to work one Saturday a month. One of our benefits is a discount at a gym down the street from our office. Many employees find time during lunch to get a quick workout in. Additionally, we have an annual company family outing, flexible hours for family time and much more.

Collaboration and Communication:

One of the greatest parts of working at Dellbrook | JKS is the surety of being a part of a collaborative team, in the office, or in the field. The construction industry is all about people and relationships – working together, bouncing ideas off of one another, problem solving, and celebrating the wins. 

We spend about 1/3 of our lives working. If you’re not working for a goal, or a purpose, why do it at all – I think we can all agree on that. The construction industry is evolving around all of these criteria. 

In short, Dellbrook | JKS is proud of our workforce, at all ages. We aren’t afraid that 50% of  our workforce is made up of millennials. If you’re any age, looking for a great place to work, well as you can probably tell, Dellbrook | JKS is a great place, check our entire careers page here.