Procore Groundbreaking Roundup

3 Dellbrook|JKS employees (Jordan Kannon, Jess Tones & Carolyn Kimball) attended the 2017 Procore Groundbreak conference in Austin, TX. Jess and Carolyn were lucky to be given free conference tickets due to a partnership between Procore and NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction is in it’s 62nd year, so Procore gave away 62 tickets – thanks Procore!). The conference consisted of instructional sessions, an innovation lab, and keynote speeches. One thing that was abundantly clear was how much Procore’s presence has expanded.  Over the last few years of holding this Groundbreak, the attendance has increased by multiples of ten.  You had owners, architects, engineers, GCs, CMs, vendors, subcontractors, big and small. 

Instructional sessions were held by industry leaders, and covered everything from LEED and lean construction, Procore financials, to rolling out and maintaining Procore impact. They heard from large national contractors like HITT who are transitioning to Procore in full, utilizing the financial apps, scheduling links, and estimating tools to streamline the construction management process

A primary focus for our team was the Innovation Lab, developer teams from every department in Procore were eager to display all the new features rolling out in 2017, discuss what is in the works and take feedback on contractor suggestions. You had all separate parts of the industry in one place at one time and surprisingly (or not surprisingly), everyone was asking very similar questions.  We have moved into an age where the “digital” is not quite that scary and the challenge for many may be how fast they can identify a weakness in their structure and infill it with the solutions that are out there.  Procore has increased its transparency and opened its programming “back door” to allow hundreds and soon to be thousands of app developers to integrate their technologies.  These apps range from financial tools [like our Sage Timberline], to schedule management software, to drone footage and many more.  It is our challenge to see potentials in these technologies to help improve our company’s performance. 

Some new insight were garnered through the keynote speakers, which included Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fam, discussing the looming trade skills gap, and Steve Wozniak, who talked about everything from his early days in HAM radio to TESLA battery concerns. Also, they heard from Tan le, creator of Emotiv, who also delivered a keynote to discuss the latest in mind control technology and how brain signals (or impulses) could be compiled as data to create devices which are controlled by your mind! Take a look at her TED talk here!