What We Think On the Latest Construction Trends

We recently shared a blog on Five Commercial Construction Trends to Watch in 2017 – and we have some thoughts on them.


Specifically speaking with Kelsey Holt, Project Manager here at Dellbrook | JKS:

“All these trends [Improved Growth, Technology, Modular Construction, Labor Shortages and Safer Jobsites] are strong intertwined. With the economy increasing and the continuing labor shortage, we are seeing the need for effective tools in technology and modular construction that not only makes sites safer, but more effective to offset the shortage in labor.”

Modular Construction:

“In an effort to offset the labor shortage, modular construction is increasing in our commercial construction sector. The key here is the ability to build in a controlled environment offsite, making it safer and more efficient. There are so many possibilities to incorporate modular construction into our practices, however, right now we only see wall panels built offsite.”

Labor Shortages

“Labor shortage is certainly an issue and will continue to be an issue in the years to come. With the huge demand, subcontractors are being swamped. As a company, it has become important for us to communicate clear expectations early in the buyout process in an effort to avoid scheduling issues during construction.”


“We are seeing more drone usage that lets us have enhanced perspectives on our projects. This is crucial for progress and safety monitoring from our point of view as well as the clients. We haven’t seen virtual reality and augmented reality just yet, but the benefits could certainty be huge on this. This will provide clients with a clear image of what the future of their space will be through BIM and perhaps eliminate changes during construction.”

Safer Jobsites

“Safe construction practices are not only crucial for the protection of our workers and reducing risks, but for the image of the industry. This industry has made huge advances in the way we view and act on safety through training and regulations, which has been beneficial in attracting labor to the industry. At the end of the day, safety should be the most important trend to a company. It’s a commitment.”

“The Industry is on an upward path. The diversity in our project portfolio puts us as a company in a great position for the expected increase for hospitability, offices, and healthcare. Healthcare being one of our specialties!”

We’re interested to know what you think too! Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts looking ahead into 2017.

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