Top 5 reasons the Construction Management field makes for a more well-rounded person

In the month of February there were 58,000 construction jobs added in the United States, equating to 25.5% of all new jobs for the month. We are seeing the growth ourselves both internally, as we continue to hire some of the best and brightest in the industry, and externally as we see the work being built all around us. Do you have an interest in joining the construction industry? As we continue to look for top talent, we thought we’d share our take on why being in the construction management field makes for a more well-rounded individual, parent, friend or employee.   

  1. Construction is the ultimate team sport

Our CEO, Mike Fish, is constantly saying that “Construction is the ultimate team sport”. Mike started Dellbrook right after college, where he played football at Colgate University.  Construction, as well as sports, are all about communication, cooperation, flexibility and respect. At any one time, there could be 150 different people on a construction site, “running plays”. We must constantly be communicating the next steps, keeping an eye out for any potential blind spots and putting a plan together for how we are going to get to our end goal. Hiccups will inevitably occur and as a team, we need to problem solve and come up with a solution. At the end of the day or a project, it’s much sweeter to be able to celebrate your successes with a group of people who were by your side than having to do it alone.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Vince Lombardi

How can you be the most well-rounded player on the team? By playing different positions. See how we are doing this here at Dellbrook | JKS.

  1. Hard work = results

There is nothing like seeing a building drawn up in plans, in contracts and on paper, and then months later seeing it in person, and knowing you had a part in the success of that project. Whether it came from the successes that took place, the difficulties, the change orders or even the Saturday work, you were a part of something. Something big. And you have a tangible building to show for it. 20 years from now you will drive down that same road and the memories you will have of your time on that project will flood back like it was yesterday. In construction, hard work really does pay off.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” – Thomas Jefferson

  1. The lessons learned can be costly

Join the finance industry if you are interested in money and budgets, the healthcare industry if you are interested in safety, production jobs to understand the moving parts and scheduling that goes into a project or Construction if you want to see all of the above. In construction, it is important to understand how to balance a budget, keep a project on schedule and ensure all the workers come to and from work every day safely. Any mistake can be costly. The stakes are high. It makes the rewards and successes all the more sweet.

“Be humble enough to accept your mistake, intelligent enough to learn from them, and mature enough to never make them again” – Unknown

  1. Lifelong learning is continuous

In any hands-on industry, much of the learning opportunities will occur on-the-job through experiences, ensuring employees are able to use what they learn immediately and specifically to the task at hand. This industry offers both formal and informal learning opportunities in technical skills, soft skills and certifications. As new laws continue to arise in construction and with it, new certifications and licenses are created. Along with those certifications, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required to ensure participants stay up to date on the trends, laws, processes and procedures in place. Learning isn’t just about required CEU credits though. As construction managers, we don’t build buildings, we build people. You will learn how to motivate, lead, resolve conflict, coach and manage change. These skills can be used at work and at home, with colleagues and kids.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you will live forever. “ – Mahatma Gandhi

  1. We don’t build buildings, we build relationships

I said it above, but it bears repeating. As construction managers, our employees don’t hang drywall. Our employees don’t hammer a single nail. We build relationships. We build relationships with owners, with subcontractors and with architects. Each of these people are very different from one another. They have different characteristics, beliefs, and needs. It is our job to be flexible, respectful and understanding to each. Through constant communication, we need to ensure we are working with the subcontractors to provide the owner with the product that was specified by the architect. Mastering the art of relationships is a universal life skill. No matter where you go, being able to build relationships will get you there faster.

“If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business”. – Scott Stratten


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