What Are You Thankful For?

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, which is followed by the biggest shopping day all year, it can sometimes be hard to focus on the meaning and importance of this holiday, rather than focusing on getting 70% off your entire purchase at Macy’s (no this is not an ad for Macy’s nor do we know Macy’s Black Friday sales), but rather on what this Holiday means.

Thanksgiving is one of the only times in the year we are forced to sit down in a room full of loved ones and talk about what we are especially thankful for in life. I think that if you’re able to sit down in a room with people that you love, that’s something right there to be extremely thankful for. There are many stressors regarding this holiday, such as not wanting to tell your aunt for the 4th time why, no you do not have a boyfriend, or how school is going when you question changing your major everyday, or making up excuse after excuse why your job search isn’t going all that well. Regardless of these topics, Thanksgiving is still a time when you get to laugh, love, see your family, eat some great food, and then eat some more.

I don’t think we need to remind anyone of the hardships that are going on in our country, and our world right now, but instead just for this one day, let’s focus on the good things in life. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a meaningful Thanksgiving:

  1. Share – when you’re preparing the food, sitting around the table eating, or cleaning the dishes be sure to share what you’re thankful for, what has made this year especially great?
  2. Make The Food Together – the point of Thanksgiving is to come together as a family, that means cooking AND eating together. Make every event of the day a group event
  3. Leave Your Phone Away – having your cellphone out at any dinner is well…rude…especially at Thanksgiving, don’t be that guy/girl
  4. Don’t Judge – your year may be going better than some peoples but also worse than others, don’t judge anyone on why their thankful this Holiday year
  5. Make Toasts – because they’re fun!
  6. Play Games – whether its before or after dinner, playing games is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun. One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is getting horribly beat in ping pong by my Uncle

And most importantly , be in the moment, enjoy this Holiday!