Learning & Development


We are only as good as our people and we want to ensure we grow the best staff for our employee’s career growth and our clients project success.

Our Learning and Development department offers a plethora of formal and informal programs.

Here is how we allocate our learning and development resources:

70% Experiential

  • In the construction industry, hands-on experience is second to none. We feel our employees will learn most through on-the-job learning. How can we improve the day-to-day hands on experience? Through sharing lessons learned, setting our employees up for success right from the start with our onboarding program and exposing our staff to diverse projects, teams and opportunities.

20% Social / Mentoring

  • If construction is the ultimate sport than we had better be learning from one another in the process. It’s important our employees share what works and what doesn’t with one another, and that we are constantly in communication with all teammates. Our intranet provides real-time communication to access data anytime, anywhere, increasing the employees ability to perform their jobs faster, more accurately and with confidence that they have the right information. Check out our mentor program here as well.

10% Formal Training

  • To ensure our employees are safe and go home to their families each night, we offer formal classroom learning, whether it be construction certifications, technical skills or soft skills.


"When an archer misses the mark...failure to hit the bullseye is never the fault of the target.  To improve your aim, improve yourself."

- Gilbert Arland