Senior Project Manager

Position Summary:

The Senior Project Manager is responsible for coordinating and managing all necessary resources throughout the entire project, from start-up through closeout. The SPM shall ensure that the Owner’s/ Company expectations and budgetary guidelines are met or exceeded. The Sr. PM manages the project from beginning to end including: budget, costs, schedule, risk management, insurances, general work performance and quality, overall progress against the plan, and client relationships.


  • Lead and Communicate with Field Supervision, Subcontractors and Vendors to assist them in working to the Project Schedule.
  • Represent Dellbrook | JKS with Owner(s), Architects, Consultants, Government Authorities, Vendors and Subcontractors
  • Administer all financial aspects of the project including Owner’s contract, subcontracts, and purchase orders
  • Build effective working relationships with clients and the project team members
  • Be able to turn troubled projects around.
  • Manage multiple projects depending on size, complexity, and type.
  • Manage the largest and/or most complex projects
  • Mentor staff.  Manage multiple PMs on a large complex project / or multiple projects.
  • Evaluate PM performance and identify training needs.  Conduct training of others.
  • Assist in the hiring and recruiting process of PMs, APMs & field staff
  • Perform all duties of the Project Manager should project size, budget, or staffing limitations exist.
  • Become subject matter expert (SME) and conduct training on that topic to fellow employees
  • Follow company SOPs


  • Work with selected team on proposal and presentation.
  • Determine with Project Executive appropriate proposal GCs, insurance, fee and documentation.
  • Develop and update on a regular basis preconstruction schedule for design/permit/budgeting.
  • Provide constructability reviews of drawings and budget updates as necessary and coordinate input from Superintendent.
  • Become an integral part of the preconstruction team.
  • Review Subcontractor bidders list and amend as seen fit.
  • Review and discuss any onerous client RFP requirements with Project Executive.
  • Review prime contract and provide comments to Project Executive and Superintendent. Ensure any specific contractual conditions are included in Subcontract bidding documents.

Project Start-Up

  • Manage process to obtain all necessary permits
  • Review drawings and specifications to become completely familiar with the project.
  • Develop contract schedule with Superintendent. Identify and track any special requirements (such as owner furnished items, DPH sign offs, 3rd party accreditations, etc).
  • Prepare Original Budget Summary and review with Superintendent prior to submitting to Accounting.
  • Develop contract schedule with Superintendent. Identify and track any special requirements (such as owner furnished items, DPH sign offs, 3rd party accreditations, etc).
  • Develop RFI and submittal requirements, process and review with Superintendent and APM. 
  • Review RFI procedures with Owner/Architect/Superintendent/APM.
  • Review field mobilization and site access plan with Superintendent (ICRA, ILSM, Campus rules, etc.) obtain approvals from Owner, Town and/or City
  • Identify all utility requirements and assign responsible party and track/assist progress.
  • Prepare Subcontractor package and chair Subcontractor kick-off meeting. Include Owner/Architect as appropriate.
  • Procure critical subcontractors immediately and complete buyouts within 60 days. 
  • Include Superintendent input when creating Subcontractor Exhibit B Scope Sheets.

Ongoing Projects

  • Attend weekly project and subcontractor meetings, manage preparation and distribution of meeting minutes well in advance of next meeting and maintain close client, architect and engineering relations; chair as appropriate.
  • Manage maintenance of project logs (RFI’s, Submittals, PCO’s) and review with Superintendent/Owner/Architect/APM on a weekly basis.
  • Conduct weekly project team update meeting/conference call with PX/APM/PA/Superintendent. Review job status, logs, cost forecast, schedule, etc.
  • Monitor executed subcontracts and insurance certificates. Verify subcontracts and insurance are in place prior to a Subcontractor working in the field. Track subcontractor bonds as required.
  • Price out PCO’s in a timely manner and submit monthly owner change orders as required.
  • Update & distribute project master schedule with input from Superintendent on no less than a monthly basis.
  • Manage on monthly basis cost report, projected cost forecast, and make budget adjustments in preparation for job cost review. Ensure that all potential exposures are forecasted and reviewed monthly.
  • Walk jobsite on no less than a weekly basis. Review quality of work installed with Superintendent to assure as minimal a punchlist as possible.
  • Assist Superintendent in resolution of all critical issues, RFI’s, etc. that could affect quality, cost, or schedule. Provide documentation as necessary.
  • Maintain close relations with subcontractors, including early notification of submittal & material delivery schedule expectations.

Project Closeout

  • Complete and implement project closeout checklist.
  • Manage issuance and completion of punchlist to Subcontractors and identify date that punchlist work needs to be complete and verified in writing of completion by Subcontractor.
  • Prepare final Owner billings in a timely manner and submit final billings, including retention within 30 days of obtaining C of O.
  • Identify project completion date with Owner and obtain Certificate of Substantial Completion if appropriate.
  • Issue final subcontract change orders and update final cost report within 30 days of obtaining C of O.
  • Manage close out documentation assembly for submission to Owner.
  • Manage timing of files archiving.
  • Obtain feedback from Owner, Architects & Subcontractors on what we did well and what we can improve.

Relationship Development

  • Develop and maintain close communication with Owner and Architect and understand their expectations. Foster collaborative and team oriented approach to ensure a long lasting relationship.
  • Maintain close subcontractor relations with communication, fairness, prompt change orders and payment.
  • Maintain good relations with Government agencies.
  • Get to know all parties of project, including Owner’s clients.
  • Lead by example.
  • Mentoring of the Assistant Project Managers and Project Administrators assigned to the team.
  • Maintain open communication with President, Project Executive, Sr. Project Managers, Superintendents and project team.
  • Market/communicate with Client, Owner and Architect on other potential projects they are working on that the company could assist.
  • Assist in the development of relationships with new clients, Owners, Architect, Engineers, other PM’s to provide new opportunities for the company.

Financial Management

  • Approve Subcontractor and material invoices in accordance with published schedule from Accounting. Ensure timely completion to keep requisition process on schedule.
  • Manage all requisitions and payments including lien releases and project payroll. Maintain best possible cash flow throughout the project and  address/communicate issues proactively & promptly.
  • Review all requisitions prior to distribution to owner/architect for accuracy and completeness.

Necessary Attributes:

  • Possess Company Core Values: honesty, integrity, family values.
  • Be driven by the leading corporate value of client focused company.
  • Excellent business judgment demonstrated by consistently achieving project objectives while developing/maintaining outstanding relationships with Owner, Architect & Subcontractors.
  • Ability to drive excellence and continually improve on all aspects of personal and company processes.
  • Be more of a business person than just a PM.
  • Be a role model for the vision and values of the company.
  • Recognizes and minimizes risk on their project and all projects under their purview.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail evidenced by a strong command of all applicable contract and legal provisions.
  • Ability to consistently analyze and execute financial trade-offs which frequently involve dealing with incomplete data and ambiguity.
  • Ability to constantly multi-task and handle competing priorities between Dellbrook | JKS business needs, organizational issues, and sound customer relations.
  • Possess judgment to know when to appropriately escalate issues up the chain of command.
  • A strong sense of urgency and self-initiative.  Able to quickly analyze and react to complex issues.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to confidently and decisively take action.
  • Team leader with excellent diplomatic and communication skills, able to handle and resolve conflicts effectively in a firm but fair manner.
  • Train, Develop, and Mentor staff.
  • Always understand the clients’ needs and do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals.

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