Alma del Mar Celebrates Frederick Douglass New Campus

NEW BEDFORD – The Alma del Mar Charter School community came together to pay tribute to Frederick Douglass during a socially-distanced ceremony to celebrate the groundbreaking at its new campus, named in honor of Douglass, on Friday, Sept. 25, a press release from the school states.

“I have always been taught that a hero is someone who helps people,” Alma third grade scholar Trinity Olafikun told the crowd. “Frederick Douglass helped so many people. This is how I know Frederick Douglass was a true hero.”

Jamiel Tavares, an eighth-grade student at Alma, honored Douglass by sharing his 1847 speech ‘Farewell to the British People’ with the audience.

“I’ve always admired the story of Frederick Douglass and how he fought for others who couldn’t fight for themselves,” Tavares said. “The speech I chose, along with the opening quote, spoke to me as a middle schooler living in our current society when I often have to stand up for my beliefs even if I have to endure being made fun of by my peers or others.”

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