Voke Lofts Fulfills High Hopes

VolkeAptTourMary O’Malley joked that she would have loved to have had a state-of-the-art kitchen in her office when she was an assistant principal at Worcester Vocational High School. Now, a sleek kitchen is part of what was once her office unit in the new Voke Lofts, the 116,306-square-foot mixed-income residential building that is the former vocational school.

Ms. O’Malley was first a teacher and became the assistant principal of the school in 1992. Last week, she toured the new housing units with developers to look at what was once a building buzzing with students who studied trades such as machinery, electrical work, painting and drafting.

“Yeah, I wish I had a sink and an oven when I was here,” said Ms. O’Malley. “It actually feels a little smaller. I’m so happy that it’s been saved. There are a lot of memories here and a lot of people went to school here. Before this was an office, it was a classroom. It’s really nice to look at it and see how it looks being totally restored. It’s awesome.”