Owner Team/Communication

The Dellbrook | JKS team will attend weekly project meetings and if required, representatives from the major subcontractors will be asked to attend these meetings to address issues that concern them. Meeting minutes will be prepared by the Project Manager and issued in advance of the next meeting to allow for proper follow-up by team members. The weekly project meetings allow team members to review the progress of the project, address any outstanding questions or concerns while providing an opportunity to discuss upcoming construction activities. At each project meeting, Dellbrook | JKS will distribute updated RFI, Submittal and PCO logs as well as issue an updated short-interval construction schedule. The short-interval schedule is a fifteen day look-ahead planner that allows on-site crews to coordinate and phase their work accordingly. The short-interval schedule is an invaluable tool that is reviewed weekly by the project team and reviewed against the project master schedule.

The Dellbrook | JKS team will also conduct weekly subcontractor meetings to review jobsite security and safety procedures, quality standards, coordination of the trades and the sequence of day-to-day activities. These meetings are paramount to successfully completing a construction project that meet or exceeds the project goals.