Preconstruction Planning

Dellbrook | JKS is tremendously efficient in the preconstruction phase of a project. The decisions made in the preliminary phases of design have the greatest impact on the overall success of each project. Preconstruction services are client specific and tailored to meet the particular requirements for each project. At Dellbrook | JKS we involve all team members from the onset of the preconstruction phase. This includes not only the estimating team but also the project management team as well as the superintendent and field personnel. Dellbrook | JKS Construction applies our construction management knowledge and experience through a systematic and comprehensive review ensuring that the contract documents convey the client’s expectation for the project. Our services include reviewing the design plans and project specifications for clarity, compatibility of components and building systems. We will provide recommendations on construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to costs of alternative design or materials and possible economies of scale. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the preconstruction process we will provide a complete and thorough scope of work to be included in each trade specification section. We will review the bid documents from a contractor’s point of view in order to minimize potential change orders and potential claims. This becomes particularly important when reviewing the plans for constructability and assessing coordination. We are able to deliver a superior end product by reducing conflicts or revisions that could arise in the field by thoroughly reviewing plans and specification for constructability issues. Our team of highly skilled professionals work in harmony with the client to build a true partnership, through meticulous planning and communication.